Wikia Fae - Atticus resisting the Piper

Since the truth of mah tale is known to no other who still draws breath, it would be unseemly for me to allow anyone else to endeavor to convey mah story. Mah name is Atticus, and such other cognomen as ah once held has faded with mah sight, leaving the cleansed man y'all see before you. For ah feel purified, mah pettiness washed away in the baptism of fire to which ah have been subjected, and with the retribution ah have wreaked on the damned soul of Hamelin, I may now go to join mah beloved in the knowledge that ah did mah duty, as husband and father, ah stood mah ground and fought for the basic dignity owin' to all God's creatures - for if any of the Fae qualify as such, why would not such as ah be included?

Wikia Fae - Atticus' farewell to Bo


Peace - it's one o' them there little words we toss like a salad an' never really get to thinkin' about. For an unquiet spirit, and that ah have truly been, it's the Holy Grail and ambrosia all in one, a verrah cornucopia of the delights promised to us all in the implicit contract of life - live well, and yours will be a good life. That's the fairy tale we share, and when that sneakin' Piper slithered outta his hole, ah believed, ah truly believed, that mah sweet lady and mah dear boy could not but receive their just reward, and ah saw nothing wrong in the song, overlooked the chasm in the singer where a heart should've been. No soul which aspires to manhood needs any greater judge than its own true sense of what is righteous . . . and not. Ah cast mah doubts upon the water, and they returned to me manifold, bearing the broken forms of my beloved. 'Course by then mah eyes were already dim, what with the lack of light and the abundance of tears, but still, for that one brief moment ah truly saw, and ah knew the judgement visited on me for my earlier blindness, and ah welcomed a darkness that was but of the senses.

Bo: Atticus is such a gentleman of the old school, you kind of see why fighting them wasn't the walk in the park the local hoodlums expected. He sees so much, just not with his eyes.

Dyson: I don't know what to say . . . except maybe, I think I'd do the same in his place.

Trick: Even with the peace, we ... overlooked a lot of things, decided to balance only the grand scale.

The Morrigan: Again, the Light wasted this morsel, whose hatred could have been fed, honed and refocused.

Kenzi: The guy who made me realize all Fae - are still people. Yeah - shocker.

Aife: In places that the Fae caress, even the shadows - breathe.