Wikia Fae - Bo's potential

The potential

'The unaligned Succubus', the first thing so many have said about me. Not Bo, not even girl, woman or any variation, my status in-between and the way I make my living, that's it. I don't mean money, I mean living - literally. As I only have my mom for comparison, I've no idea what kind of Succubus I make - not always as powerful, but at least better than her, I hope, in the crunch. Mind, with the Una Mens I was proud to claim my independence.

Trick: Bo is basically everything I never dared let myself hope for, the chance of redemption for Aife and myself I thought long lost to the uncaring winds.

Kenzi: I got the big sis I always dreamed of and could never deserve. But I'm working on it, and whatever happens, I've got her back.

Hale: I don't know exactly what I was expectin' but this girl for damn straight ain't it. It's a real case of 'just grab the tiger's tail and hold on' when you get mixed up in her business.

Dyson: "I'll leave it alone." The words you really don't wanna hear out of Bo's mouth. Not a lie as such, more a declaration of the degree to which she still doesn't know herself.

Tamsin: Enthralling - truly and literally, able to suck you in like none I've ever known throughout my lifetimes.

The Ash: A miscalculation, all around and at all points. We failed to see clearly what she was and could be, and that very myopia now endangers all Fae.

Aife: It sounds so wishy-washy - "unaligned". I trust my daughter is loyal to herself and her principles, whatever her failures to blood.

Lilin, Yuki-onna, Rusalka, and that just the tip of the iceberg, it seems, when it comes to what 'Mom' calls "sex chi eaters" ... actually, really need an emoji for that, or least something shorter.

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