Wikia Fae - Pizza Pete gets zapped

Kenzi: OK, before we even kick off on this one, and not, like, just to prove I'm really the Ron Weasley of our little club, but spiders freak me out big time. They are so . . . spidery. So, when all this got going we didn't know that, but still. Eew! What's not eew is the (hot!hot!hot!) actor stuck in a pizza guy's job who was delivering all over. 'Course, then Bo wanders down, and I'm just part of the furniture. Whatevs.

Bo: Kenzi would have no problem with me wrangling a pair of $300 boots, so long as they were in her size, with my abilities, but just 'cos it's a freebie pizza, she has to moan. Calls me a 'scary dish Nazi' just 'cos I try to reduce to single figures the number of new life-forms she's creating, and that's not even permanent, it's just at any one time. We are gonna be killed by nothing Dark, just terrifying.

Wikia Fae - Djieiene on the skein

Kenzi: I should never have said it . . . not the family thing, the other bit. I mean Bo's my big sis, end of. But 'Family is always psychotic.' I mean why didn't I just wear metal undies on the roof in a lightning storm or call on Baba Yaga - oh, yeaah . . .

Hale: These girls are just like magnets for the weird and macabre, you know. That and they like getting their dark on, which may make it a good thing Bo ain't officially on the side of the Light after all, 'cos I don't even wanna think about that clean-up detail.

Dyson: Bo's been on edge and on the edge for a while now, constantly strung out about the 'unaligned' thing, I think. Still, it was her choice, and not what was meant to be on the table, so I feel there should be a statute of limitations, you know?