Wikia Fae - Dyson and Cayden post bellum
Loyal member of the pack - that's what they should remember of me. Stood by my brothers, upheld my oath, even when it cost me more'n I could spare, or near stand.

That whelp Stefan, never truly appreciated what he had, not as Dyson's best mate, nor with the incomparable Ciara. Still and all, Ailech should never have done what he did.

Dyson: I don't wanna talk bout this.

Kenzi: I really thought he was one of the good guys. Just shows, my radar gets fritzy too.

Trick: Even on first meeting there was an edge, an undiluted lupine sharpness to this guy that has been smoothed off with Dyson.

Bo: Hard not to be jealous of someone with so much history with Dyson, and at first I thought that was messing with my read on him.