Sabine: It all begins with me, I guess. Taking that long, last walk. And at the time I really thought it was . . . well, my time, you know.

Kenzi: If I had any doubts before, this is where I knew fo' shizzle Light and Dark Fae were really just choices.

Wikia Fae - Entry of The Blackthorn

Trick: I knew it was only a matter of time, what with the attack by Aife on the meeting, before the Elders sent a representative to try and straighten things out. Didn't expect it to be The Blackthorn Duchamps, though. He's not, according to rumor, inclined to travel on Council business. The whole thing'll bear watching. I  have to say he gave me a feeling I haven't had in the longest time, like someone had blown the dust off my old Chaturanga set, and arranged the pieces ready.

Wikia Fae - The persuasion of Hale

Bo: Keeping Kenzi out of trouble on the streets turns out to be a cakewalk compared to the messes she can make, for herself and me, in our local. She starts doing this 'diva taking her curtain call' curtsy for the Blackthorn, as if we need any more association with the Light Fae.

Dyson: Whatever I thought of some of his actions, with The Ash out of commission, we, the light Fae, are flapping around, so The Blackthorn has reason to want us back on course.

Blackthorn: Not really the place to begin the hunt for a new Ash, this hostelry, and yet, given the rumors one hears . . .

The Morrigan: Strange for me to advocate, perhaps, but we do have procedures, as Fae, for replacing our 'leaders', so I for one wanted to see the Hunt conducted properly. And also, it's the dregs fighting for table scraps - always amusing.

Hale: My folks always get their undies in a twist at moments like this, and I gotta hear "born to rule" echo through the halls. No wonder I moved out.