Hale: This one was rough all around. I hated sitting on the sidelines, but the way things were, 'specially with The Ash, I wasn't lookin' at a whole lotta options.

Wikia Fae - Ba'al leaving the club

Vex: So there's this poncy Light Fae copper, Wolf-Shifter, and let's face it that makes him basically one o' the Dark anyways up, but still, he bursts into 'Carpe Noctem', my place, and starts haranguing one of my mates. Sheer police brutality. So I tell him, all nice like, to hop it, and he starts threatening me - in me own place. I'd've had the barney then and there, but there was a few too many humans about. Still, kinda regret it now, given what 'e done to poor ol' Ba'al. I mean 'e was so useful to me, necessary even, in all sorts of ways.

Bo: This all started with Kenzi trying to poison us - well, not trying, but mostly succeeding. We ended up grateful for grilled cheese, so upside to everything I guess.

Dyson: My first recollection was coming to in the alley, tasting the blood, enjoying it for that micro-moment before thought, and rolling over to see Ba'al stretched out on the ground. Every sense I had, and most of them heightened by the rush of blood, told me he was long dead.

Kenzi: So Dyson turns up at the Dal absolutely blood-soaked, and looking for Sanctuary. I'd always thought that had to be in like a cathedral, or a church at least. You learn something new all the time in Fae-ville.

Trick: With the blood spattering my newly-washed floor, for just a split-second I was on the verge of leaving Dyson to clean up his own mess, but good sense got the better of me, thankfully. Had to clear the rest out in a trice, though.

Dyson: How I made it through the doors of the Dal upright I'll never know, considering how weak and loopy I still was. Can't remember when Trick looked less happy to see me. Actually, scratch that - macking on his grand-daughter.

Bo: At the top of the long list of words I'm not sure the Fae can even spell would be 'justice'. Vengeance, on the other hand, seems to run in their veins.

Kenzi: Far as I can see, knockin' off one of Vex's yahoos oughta be medal time, not persecution. Then again, nobody round here asking for my input. Still, I figure being any kind of fighter in these parts is like being the Hardcore Champ - there's 24/7 potential for a title defense.

Morrigan: 'Sanctuary' - it even sounds repugnantly holy, or at least, holier-than-thou. I'm amazed the barkeep still bothers to reposition the mask of neutrality when it slips, but I suppose we all have our little vanities. I cannot, however, permit Light Fae wolfers, whatever their leash, to go around murdering my kind. There must be a reckoning.