Wikia Fae - Sheri co breaking Zefir out

Kenzi: Bo is so unspeakably cute when she's trying to get her bad girl on! I mean, fo' real, she is just adorable when she thinks she can scheme.

Hale: So, anyway, to hear the guys in the precinct tell it later, these girls charged the building SWAT style - then stopped, and proceeded to make with the floor show. Pole-less pole dancing, by ALL accounts.

Wikia Fae - Sheri and Bo with the Hand of Glory

Kenzi: When I first heard about this, I just thought, Typical guys, thinking with their shorts, but then I saw these chicks in action and it was like wow! I'm telling you, the world just melts away, and there's just them and what you pray they're sellin'.

Dyson: This story did the rounds in the division for months, getting wilder by the retelling. Some people claimed they were still holdin' back.

Bo: I don't think it struck me before this that Fae are everywhere, every nation AND ocean.

Vex: I shoulda thought o' this for Carpe Noctem, ya know? Not paying the staff'd cut costs no end - end of. Mind, the turnover might be a bituv an 'assle.

The Morrigan: The sea-shifters attract such unnecessary attention to what can be done constantly, and with far more subtlety. Toss them back, I say.

Lachlan: No need, you know, no call ta be making the humans unable ta ignore us. It's plain selfish.