Wikia Fae - Dal on La Shoshain 1
Wikia Fae - Dal on La Shoshain 2
Kenzi: Me and my doomie, er, roomie (wow, paging Dr. Freud!) were kickin' it, just looking to chill in a Fae-light setting when we realised they weren't likely to give us a break, so we set off Dalward. Boy, did we ever not know what we were getting into!

Bo: So we have like a pact, Kenzi and me, to have a day without Fae entanglements, and then we walk into the Dal, and it looks like St. Paddy's Day, Hogmanay and loudest wake you ever saw rolled into one. Bang goes that idea.

Kenzi: Have to say, I was in a party mood by the time we reached the bar, so, natch, Trick tries to rain on my parade with his blather about how this is a spiritual occasion, not just an excuse, yadda, yadda.