Wikia Fae - Donovan grieving

It's cliché, a heinous crime for an artist, but Trick and the Succubus gave me my heart's desire - a proper farewell with Christoph. There are no adequate words. That he had just been delivered from the Lich made it all the sweeter.

Trick: When he told me what had happened to Christoph's body, I knew at once this was something Bo could handle better than me. Donovan's such an old friend, I couldn't see the wood for the trees in a case like this.

Kenzi: I don't go looking at power levels in Fae, 'cos - like I could match up anyway, right? But there was just, I dunno, a real strength to this Donovan, a kind of sense of how much it took just for him to keep it together, you know?

Bo: An old friend of 'Gramps' - kinda makes him one of a kind.

Dyson: The Ash is so fixated on Bo, the whole 'register as you pass through' thing has been allowed to slide - not that I believe The Morrigan ever really enforced it on the Dark side anyway. Far too many of their creeps they didn't want us knowing were roaming free.

Hale: Dyson's back and at the same time he's not. Everything Bo does, he sees as his business, and I'm having to pick up the slack at Division. That's just not right.

The Morrigan; One of the most fey of the Fae - although I must say I can't fault his taste in men. Christoph had . . . all sorts of possibilities.

Aife: That rare creature, one that engaged my sympathies.

Vex: I'm as much into blokes as the next bloke ... unless it's this pansy. I swear, 'e gives it all a bad name, with 'is ditherin' and "Ooh, I can't". I can't be 'aving with it.