Wikia Fae - Dyson lupine extension

Wolf's eyes

I'm a police detective to all and sundry, Light Fae Wolf-Shifter to those that know, and a once-lone wolf who found a new pack. I'm one of the things pulling at Bo, I fear, and I'm scared by what she's becoming because of it.

Hale: Dyson's my boy despite the strain of late. When it counts, he got my back, an' I fo' shizzle got his.

Trick: Even though he has a tendency to call me, you know, the 'B' word, and generally at the worst of times, Dyson has the strongest and purest heart I think I've ever met. The only time it ever clouds over is with conflicting loyalties, when it's unclear what and where is the greater good.

Kenzi: Norn, schmorn, I don't think, really deep deep down, where it counts, Wolfie ever fully stopped loving Bo. Which might help explain the empty place in him now she's with the doc.

Bo: In a simpler, 'happily ever after' Faeverse, Dyson would be it - my Prince Charming. Here in the mixed-up world, I just know I need him. His idea of my best interests and mine, though . . .

Vex: The whole 'Sir Galahad' bit just makes me wanna hurl -  I mean, I've killed less blokes in the last five hundred years than 'e has, and somehow, I'm the villain. It's pure prejudice - anti-Dark Fae bias. Made all the worse by 'im 'avin' a gorgeous bod 'n' all.

Bo: The man is a Nibelung hologram safe when it comes to personal information, though. Like, another name.

The Morrigan: There was a time - a 'brief insanity' moment - when I considered putting in a, let's say, 'compelling bid' for his services. What is it about the good boys?

Ciara: The man I met again and the Shifter I knew, they had surprising things in common, and yet the latter was so very much more at peace with himself, or so I thought. Ironic, really.

My world was never going to recover, I believe, but the universe of the Fae was knocked off-kilter by the re-emergence of the comet known as Bo.