Wikia Fae - Kenzi discovers the novelty of rejection
Wikia Fae - Faetal incoming
Bo: I know how things seemed at the time, but I think it's best to start at the beginning, so - I'm woken from far too little sleep by a far too chipper Kenzi. Dyson has just graphically demonstrated, in 3-D and with sound effects, his disinterest, and all I want to do is sleep the day away. Sadly, it is not to be - as soon as she knows what went down, Kenzi kicks into sisterhood mode, and we have to go trash stuff and get smashed, all of which, I gotta admit, is kinda fun.

Kenzi: So, the Dyson-douche dumps my bestie with the goriest of blow-offs, and I see she's never, and I mean nev-AH, been in Dumpedville before, so she needs the ten-cent tour ASAP. We go pound the holy hell out of an abandoned car, and then hit the Dal - which is where it all goes slideways.

Dyson: I'm a man - and even beast - of my word, but I can't remember regretting giving it more than when I told Trick I'd not get involved with Bo. It was just so clear, to anyone with eyes in their head, that we should be together ... which I guess is what the Blood King saw too.

Wikia Fae - Bo's faetal takeout
Trick: I could tell from the sulphur and brimstone aura around Bo she was looking to broil Dyson - which I figured meant that the lad could be trusted even in this. I will admit to having my doubts, Bo is all Succubus, after all, and if that weren't enough . . . she takes after her mother in other ways. Anyway, Dyson walked in, Bo went rigid, and then went out taking a Fae couple with her. No prizes for guessing.

Bo: It seemed like the answer, you know. Just at that moment. No strings, no sides, just independent consenting Fae. Why do I still believe it can be that easy? I suppose because, whatever we want to think, people, and Fae are that, human or more, always have a motive, something that makes them choose B instead of A. Me, I was just overcompensating, and, yes, lashing out at Dyson.

Dyson: I'm not used to being hurt, but then, truth be known, I'm not used to personally caring, investing this much. The rapid healing factor doesn't cover this stuff, you know?