Bo: Since Fae are born not made*, perhaps that's where we should start. It lacks a unique feel, however, and I have no real memories or point of comparison, so maybe it's better if we jump in like I did.

The Gathering - This is the biggie, genuine 'rite of passage' stuff. In all modesty, I don't see teen Fae in large numbers surviving what I went through, so presumably there are a variety of ways it can go down, and like a lot of stuff it's probably way easier with the proper build-up. Stella Nashira sure thinks so, at least.

The Dawning - This is 'the saga continuums' stuff from the Gathering. Supposed to happen way later and with lots of lead up, but - lucky me - I got pitchforked in and left to sink or swim.

Last Cycle - Don't know what to call it exactly, but apparently this is what Tamsin's in. Price of being a Valkyrie, I gather. The wings are kinda awe-inspiring though. I figure - no offense - closest thing is 'nine lives of a cat'.

(*)Despite Kenzi's best efforts to up her firepower, and Fae cred.