Welcome to the Fae World (Lost Girl) WikiEdit

An in-world set of descriptions of characters and episodes from the TV series 'Lost Girl'. The themes are often mature, though the language will remain moderate.

Recently, due to a debacle elsewhere, I have decided to incorporate "Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda", on essentially the same basis, into the wiki. This is not intended as crossover - though people are welcome to give that a go - merely a parallel track. I myself also 'store' copies of key elements of my role-playing elesewhere here (just in case).

The matter at handEdit

'Lost Girl' as a TV series forms the cornerstone of our endeavour here, but is not meant to be a rigid and limiting factor. Ideas extrapolated from that world are welcome, so long as they are clearly labelled as non-canon or fanon in some way, and keep to the essentially PG-13 feel I'm going for here.

Ditto with Andromeda. :)

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