Wikia Fae - Bo planning a snack at the hardware store
Kenzi: So, like, in our 'Project Runway' dealings with the clubhouse, Bo decides we must have certain what she calls basics - like a screwdriver and stuff. I don't mean the good stuff, the drink, I'm talking about the long bit of metal that's supposed to come with a guy attached - preferably something like tall, lean and wolfy. Like the crack shack could survive even one solid twist of a screw, I mean, please. Everytime Bo takes 'company' upstairs I'm sure it's gonna end up as a floor show in what is laughingly called the living room. And in the middle of this Martha Stewart moment, Bo gets an itch, and I have to persuade her not to feed where, you know, we might want to go back. That guy still thinks I did him out of a miracle, I reckon.

Dyson: I was out stretching my legs, not hunting just, well, loping around, when this human comes crashing through the undergrowth past me, shouting. Now, given the number of junkies out there, and the fact that I was severely out of uniform, I didn't gve it much thought. Turns out later, this was the kid the wisp hired Bo and Kenzi to protect his hoard from.

Wikia Fae - Will turns up
Bo: So, we get back to the Clubhouse, Kenzi yacking about - something every step of the way, and we've got a visitor, of the 'can't catch me' kind. A Light Woodland Fae, he tells us, Will-'O-The-Wisp no less, and he's in the market for some aggressive repossession of his pretty rock collection - which is precious and semi-precious stones, and a lot of them. Some human's sniffing around, getting way too close for comfort, and he's offering info on my roots in return for his loot. Seems to me like a trade I wanna make.
Wikia Fae - For the very first time, Bo and Dyson
Kenzi: It definitely should've been to the mellow sounds of Marvin Gaye, but - Bo was getting it on! You go, girl!