Wikia Fae - Hale freeing Trick

Releasing the King

I've just escaped the tightening collar of 'Acting Ash', and that's a gig I should never have taken in the first place. Whatever Nona thought, I do not belong in politics, and when the time comes Val, or even Mitch, can take over Clan Zamora with my total blessing, you know?

Wikia Fae - Hale catches Dyson and Val in flagrante


Have to say though, among the many things being a cop forced me to see that nobody ever should, number one with a bullet is my kinda brother with my for real sister. I mean, c'mon, man, that's just screwed up. Even if he and Bo we're on a break, split up, only kinda together or whatever they were callin' it that time, that was seriously messed up - took me a long time to get over it.

Wikia Fae - Hale and Dyson on the case

Dyson: Whatever the nature of my new pack, Hale's the center and one constant. I really screwed up when, well, when the thing with Val almost happened, and I don't want us to go there ever again. Me and Hale or me and her.

Kenzi: I know, I know, he's kinda all in the voice, but that's just his power - there's a real quiet core to Hale.