Wikia Fae - Bo being shown to her cell at Hecuba

Hale: The 'female Light Fae incarceration facility', and I didn't know practically nothin' about it 'till they dropped 'Acting Ash' on me. Bo and Lauren had to go deep undercover to get the goods on this one, and they took all sort of risks from what I hear. Not that it was much better for my boy, mind - or me, come to that.

Kenzi: I hated having ta sit this one out - and the doc getting to go didn't help any. Then again my little, all-too-human self in a prison full of superpowered Amazons . . . hmmm, may have dodged a bullet after all. Think Azkaban without the PR - or the charm offensive. I'm all for "You go, girl!", but this is one of those places where you really, really - can't.

Hale: Even my boy couldn't get on the good side of these ladies, seeing as how they plain ain't got one. So, as the new Acting Ash, this pile laid loudly on my plate, which was already kinda full ... and headin' for the floor.

Bo: Precious little cover to get under on this one.

Vex: Even when they get an 'alf-decent idea, it still all goes Pete Tong, dunnit? I mean, if ever there was a place for every kinda 'girl on girl' and a few outta sight cameras...

Dyson: Not at all sure the Dark really need to do anything except wait for us to implode, when we keep secrets this size among ourselves.

Trick: Lachlan, the Ash, I'm almost forced to wonder how far back it goes, and how often it pupped.

Hale: Wasn't Hecuba that plain scary, witchy woman, dark moon aspect of Artemis? Oh no, wait, that was Hecate.