Wikia Fae - Kenzi's imminent indigestion

Lauren: Of the horrors I've faced in the service of The Ash, few compare to my prom night in their 'recurrent nightmares' factor. Talking about it with Bo, in all sort of . . . dwindles into place, for the very first time.

Kenzi: Me and my BFF have had zero 'us time' ever since the doc crash landed in our living room. Something's gotta give and soon, and my sanity and the liquor supply are high probability victims.

Bo: I've discovered I really hate no-woman's-land in the midst of the battle of 'BFF vs Lover', with both of them telling me about the other's flaws - like I didn't know.

Dyson: If I needed proof of what the Norn ripped from me, it's in how little the Lauren/Bo thing bothers me - except professionally. Red rag to a bull on that front, I fear.

Trick: If I thought Dyson was a bad idea, I'm really worried for all of us about this Lauren link. Not least for me, because this relationship has 'depressed Kenzi' written all over it, and a depressed Kenzi is a drinking Kenzi, and hence a threat to my top shelf.

Hale: I kinda wish Dyson would, you know, say somethin', anythin' really, about the situation with Bo, and Lauren. At this point, I'm walkin' on eggshells in the dark, feels like.

Kenzi: When it was El Lobo loose in the bathroom I was all 'woohoo', but it's my upchuck reflex that's getting the workout these days with 'Lauren' blocking up Bo's bed. Girl has the whole smorgasbord laid out in front of her and she keeps goin' back to the pickled herring.