Trick: My wife, my heart, and my first thought in so much that I have done, good or otherwise, in a long life.

Bo: My grandmother, for whom I was named, and, to hear Trick tell it at least, the most amazing woman I know of.

Kenzi: My bestie's got a namesake, how cool is that! OK, I know, technically Bo was named after her, but still . . . the family tree is totally in bloom.

Dyson: Given how and how much Trick's talked about her, although I never met her, I feel sure I could pick the lady out of a line-up.

Hale: My Nona, she was a big part of my life, but I don't know how I'd feel if I was named after her. For Bo, who never got the chance to meet hers, it's gotta be kinda - weird.

Aife: Mother was reasonable, where Trick is - tricky. Easy to see who I take after, which may be why I've so often wanted him dead.

Garuda; A soul to relish, even as a shadow. Such things as flit between memory and make believe, and of which can be forged the lies that bind.

The Morrigan: The one that got away, as far as we're concerned.

Vex: Only Light as ever scared me, know what I mean?