Wikia Fae - Bo and Kenzi window shopping for a jacket
Bo: Dyson has a girlfriend - I can live with that. She's gorgeous, sexy and Fae - still OK. The two of them share centuries of history, in the chronological sense, and I'm happy for him. She's also a billionaire - literally. Now, the universe is just taking the piss. Oh, and she told me, to my face, that she trusts me with him.

Kenz: My wardrobe would be so seriously on the point of bursting if I had Bo's whammy, it's not funny. Instead, we're stuck totes window shopping. Not too bad - until Ciara's there in the reflection, almost offering to buy the shop for us.

Ciara: I was so glad to see Bo, but she seems to be practically sending me to Coventry these days. I've no idea what I've done, which makes it all the more baffling.

Trick: I suppose I should have found a way to break it to Bo more gently, about Ciara being, well, ridiculously rich. I forget how human-like she is sometimes. Wish she would.