Wikia Fae - Bo's last image of Kyle
Bo: Whoever penned that 'it's better to have loved and lost' crap wasn't a Succubus. Seriously doubt they were any kind of Fae, actually, given how they - OK, fine, we - feel about losin'. Kyle was the guy, the one I'd waited for, my Prince Charming and Clark Kent all in one - and I killed him. Not a plan, hell, not even a thought, just a horrifying, overriding instinct as my true nature emerged. I chi-sucked the life out of him, and started the ball rolling on my own nomadic 'wander years'.

Kenzi: Bo has, like, a wall, barbed wire, spotlights, armed guards and a couple a machine-gun nests around this subject, but he really mattered to her, you know? She's must've somehow felt what she was, 'cos whatever her human mom thinks, with a kickin' bod she waited 'till she was eighteen - and how many of us can say that? Not the bod bit, the waiting thing.

Mel: My big brother, well, there was no doubt in our family's minds whose spell he was under, from the time he was fifteen - he breathed, thought and slept Bo. Not with her, not in a smalltown place like ours, but she was at the front of his mind, and right behind his smile as momma used to say.

Dyson: Bo doesn't know how much she talks in her sleep. This guy - well, he was special, to her at any rate, every which way.

Hale: Weird what we think of, as people I mean. When I heard this story, the one thought chasin' its own tail through my mind was - wonder if his folks are Springsteen fans? 'Cos, you know, that line in 'Reason to Believe' 'bout takin' the baby down to the water, christen him Kyle William.

Lauren: Selfish though it is, a part of me can't imagine what it would be like if this had worked out for Bo, and she'd never come into my life.

Trick: The disadvantage of being 'unmasked' as Bo's grandfather is I have to get all my info on topics like this second-hand. Which generally means the expensive process of pouring endless drinks down the bottomless pit that is Kenzi.

Aife: Fragments, crumbs - it's a mother's lot in life, I suppose, picking up scraps behind her children. Still and all, I wish I could have been there for her on this, made it - less traumatic, more enjoyable. The Fae rebirth, I mean, not - the other thing. What else should one do with sustenance?

Bo: I've made some real mistakes, but this is my 'turn back time' moment. Then again, I can't begin to imagine what would follow if not this.