Wikia Fae - Battle's end for the Laignach Faelad
Cayden: Oh, a sight we were, when the blood ran high and thick, when the blades glinted and dulled with carmine blows. No fight did we fear, no foe neither, and the times we had each others' back are as endless as the stars.

Dyson: My wolf has never been happier, I have to say that in all honesty. We ran, cavorted and fought as a pack, we saw each other through everything - and then Ailech brought it all crashing down, for a prize he could never truly possess.

Ciara: I've never seen a fighting force remotely their equal, no matter what Ailech and I managed to cobble together in later years. They moved as a unit in a way only shifters can, relished the hunt as wolves, and howled their victories to the waiting moon.

Kenzi: From what Ciara said, this was like the ultimate 'Boys' Club' - fighting and drinking and - so on. All that wolfy testosterone does sound kinda - intoxicating, though, and could they ever party when hey won.

Trick: Even at my age, the power of words sometimes surprises me. Fáolad should be all bloodthirsty rites of Crom Cruach, but they infused it with - nobility, of a sort. For a while, leastways.

Stella: The one group of Light Fae for whom I've never been called. Something in their bond prepares them automatically for such a Dawning as they face.