Wikia Fae - Lauren senses Bo in her lab

Just a feeling

I never saw my folks as the fan type, so I guess it must be reading too few, but someone ought to have told them that, outside Superman comics, you don't lumber a girl with the initials LL. I mean, it's bad for the development. Maybe I was never going to be a cage fighter, or a member of the Green Berets, but with LL you're kind of a damsel in distress from the get-go.

My curiosity may have enriched my life, but it's to blame for most of the lowlights too. I just can't stop pulling at a loose thread, I guess. I want the world, even the world of the Fae, to make sense. I suppose I cling to the measurements of science, as the one firm point in a constantly shifting set of worlds. The "measure what is measurable" thing attributed to Galileo . . . although I might be better off with the fully apocryphal 'Eppur' si muove.'

Kenzi: Right off the bat let's be clear - I've never been the doc's biggest fan . . . but I have come to admire her, and that was never gonna happen, once upon a time.

Bo: Lauren has been through so much, yet still keeps it together. The Ashes, Nadia, the whole fiasco with Taft, and on every side there's people with powers no normal human has to think about, nevermind deal with. She just soldiers on, somehow. Me, I nearly decapitated Lachlan myself when he called her 'chattel'.

Dyson: Lauren, though it's almost physically painful to admit, gives Bo so much that I can't. I'm Fae, always have been, and what Bo went through, cut off from us, growing up among only humans - I can only imagine the edges of that, not the whole picture. Lauren, on the other hand, also moved from the human world to the Fae under duress, and they have a bond there I can't map, let alone match.

Nadia: Lauren has - fellow feeling, I guess, for so many living creatures, but allied to an insatiable curiosity about what makes them tick. That's why I hesitated to get involved - not that I wasn't attracted, but I couldn't, at first, be sure how she saw me ... or what she was looking for. Do I mean 'at'?

Lachlan: There's banked-down fire in the lass, so there is, and core strength. You can see what draws the Succubus.

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Lauren Lewis/Lab