Wikia Fae - Lauren's Apartment (School's Out)
The modern, clean, frequently Fae-free environment in which Lauren, and for a time Nadia, lives.

Lauren: I've always had a thing for clean lines, uncluttered, and this place, I suppose, reflects that. There's the odd plant, but most of the stuff here is clear in its function and placing. Alright, ninety-nine percent. Bo . . . doesn't drop in like she used to - I guess because of Nadia. I know how hard it was for her to do that, and the scientist in me knows it had to be done. Still, the Fae took Nadia from me twice, first with a curse and then with a blade. Speaking as an 'only human', that is.

Nadia: I could feel it walking in the door - Lauren came here without me. I was on the edge of her thinking, sure, but she'd mainly moved on. I don't blame her, please don't think I do. Even three years is a hell of a long time to commit to, well, basically a Popsicle. I went from recording, and occasionally making, news, to a bottom of the page tag-on to the obits, near enough, and Lauren, well, she never thought about giving up as far as I can tell. This was her sanctuary, and that included from memories.

Kenzi: As far as I can remember, I've pretty much only been here when bleeding, often out the eyeballs, so, not exactly my happy place. Plus which, if I want to watch my bestie and her girl doin' their thang I can always just take a chair upstairs.

Hale: I find it strange how little my girl Bo talks about Lauren, when it's just her and me, I mean. Around Dyson I get it, but she has never even spoken about this place, leastways not as I recall. Even so, I made the mistake o' whistling in there once - man, the acoustics were shankin'!

Bo: This place is - a little jagged. Can't really define it much better than that.

Dyson: Gotta give the doc this much - she has skills, and it shows in this pad.