Kenzi: Basically, you've got your Light Fae and your Dark Fae. Oh, and then there's UnderFae, who are scary in a whole new set of dimensions. Beyond that, there are what I'm coming to see as 'normals' (scary thought, that) and the 'Elders', who are, like, older, and apparently wiser. Mind you, Hale can make Ash, so, you know, nothing's for sure.

Bo: We're slowly, painfully, peeling back the onion, finding out why in the hell there need to be Light and Dark Fae, so who's to say there isn't something beyond this, huh? Apart from the Garuda, I mean.

Una Mens: Futility, waste, all that has made the Fae ... less. To be excised, without delay - no reflection required.

Aife: The line beneath my feet, but never caught, even out of the corner of my eye.

Trick: The endless weight, the burden I never buried, seeing how it's etched in my blood.

Hale: Ash is - not what a brother signed up for, ya dig?