Dylan: When I got back, from the endless, drawn-out moment, I mean, they told me. They assaulted my ears, unintentionally, with horrors that still ring in my head, because I wasn't there to prevent them. The capsule for this abomination is two short words - 'Long Night'.

Harper: OK, I feel sorry for the big Boy Scout and all, but really, having to hear about it wasn't 1% as bad as living through it. I mean, the memories I have to drown - well, thank the universe for the Weissbrau, huh?

Tyr: For a brief splinter of a moment, when Captain Hunt speaks without filtering his thoughts of the Commonwealth as he conceived it, I know why my people were for so long one of its pillars.

Rommie: As an artificial life-form it is - highly intriguing how deep rooted this aversion to the dark is, not a simple skotophobia, but rather the lack of control, the implicit impotence in being without ... enlightenment.