Kenzi: There are many weird and, frankly, wonderful Fae abilities, but this one is just weird. These guys are body-jumpers, with the pre-requisite that the body has to be dead, and freshly so.

Wikia Fae - Lucas in a skin he likes

Bo: I didn't like Eddie when I first met him, maybe because of what he had the blonde trying to do to Dyson. I was sorry about what happened to him though. I still have a hard time seeing a Hsien as Light Fae, truth be known. I saw what Dyson meant, thought, about Eddie's peccadilloes when we ran into Lucas.

Trick: Hsien are another of the ancient lines, as much if not more spirit than flesh. They have resolved countless issues for the - unfairly deceased, let's say, and what they've become saddens me. Maybe it's the Light/Dark divide that in part has pushed them into their current role.

Kenzi: I know, I know, I'm totally not being consistent in my standards, but this Eddie didn't sound like such a bad guy, and he really didn't deserve to get dead. I mean, guys wear panties and teddies all the time these days, and this doesn't sound much different to me. Besides, he could totally solve all sorts of stupid debates, you know, like who gets Granny's necklace and stuff, just by stepping in at the right moment and signing that last version of the will. That'd be a good thing, right?

The Morrigan: There are some carrion even I am loath to own.