Wikia Fae - Bo encounters Maganda
"Pretty of the forest" is the name in full, my home and identity in one. Shattered it was, and self with it, cursed and carved, torn from its roots and fractured, man-gled beyond repair. Others told, whispered, susurrated of such things, the zephyr tales among wriggling, giggling leaves, of those who were, but no more.

Essence, sap, very life - how can any price be put on such?

Dyson: When I think of wood spirits, I don't see nymphs in see-through nighties, I remember the relentless grip, like roots a thousand times normal speed.

Hale: Not my 'hood, the wood, but gotta respect someone who never forgets where they coming from, ya know?

The Morrigan: Again, so much alluring power wasted on the Light.

Vex: I've finally sussed why the Succubitch gets my goat. It's coz she the only semi-decent lookin' bird not on our side.

Aife: Cut off - or at least should be. A dead end.