Bo: So, I finally met another Succubus. A real turning point, in every possible way. Just when you're not really looking, and all that.

Kenzi: OK, so like, officially I don't feel I can be, but unofficially I am totally rooting for Team Dyson. It's like Bo and her 'I'm neutral, and it's just a coincidence all my pals are Light Fae' thing. I mean, he's been a jerk, but he's is still a guy, and what a lot of . . . oh, well, that's just my issue, I guess. Anyway, we took a case, and then Dyson wouldn't take the case, so we had to take the case to Lauren, or at least Bo did. I went for a long-needed, and long, drink.

Wikia Fae - Kenzi and her new bestie
Trick: The way humans talk about cockroaches is the way I'm starting to feel about Kenzi - there is just no way to lay them out for good - they come back. So, this time, I gave in gracefully, put the Stoli on the bar in front of her, and went to make my escape. Then Valentine turned up, and Kenzi felt moved to make a 'Shire' crack.

Dyson: Trick had told me long before about the coin, one early, early morning, but I figured it was a part of the night, so to speak, and not worth talking about later.