Wikia Fae - Nadia and Lauren at Bo's party

First social outing

(The girlfriend of Lauren Lewis, suffering from an unknown condition at the start of things, later revealed to be a curse 'commissioned' by the first Ash. The curse was inflicted in order to compel Lauren to discover a cure for a plague afflicting the Fae.)

The world's changed, trite though that may sound. I mean, when last I remember, I was just a photographer whose girlfriend happened to be a great doctor, in demand everywhere. Now, suddenly, there are these Fae - and this Bo. She's got this fabulous, hunky boyfriend, who got some exotic power apparently, but oh no, that's not enough. I know, I have no real justification, and I don't blame Lauren, but I can't help being  . . . disappointed. Part of what makes me - human, I guess.

Kenzi: Things went from weird to wired when we heard, from the Morri-Gah! no less, that the doc had a special someone already. And she's all "Hope-y", to put an old world spin on it.

Lauren: Nadia was there when my world opened up - and the reason it shut down again. When Lachlan told me why - well, I've never been more tempted to abuse my training.

The Ash: Regrettable, but only within. As ever, I acted on necessity, shielded the Fae.

Hale: Say this for the doc, her battin' average be superfine.