Wikia Fae - Mel snapping Bo

Dyson: I never considered myself prejudiced, but looking at things with Bo's 'input' I see that I have, on occasions, dismissed Fae on human stuff with an 'It happens' shrug.

Bo: Only when I pieced together the backstory later did I realize how many strings Lachlan was pulling behind the scenes. I hate that, and I mean boiling hate.

Lachlan: This was the nadir in many ways for me, the point at which the unravelling became terminal. I did, however, begin to see that I wasn't going to untangle this mess without Bo, which may have made me ease up slightly on the doc, them being 'friends' an' all.

Kenzi: I always thought I wanted to know all about Bo - like every little detail. Turns out, not so much.

The Morrigan: Only the Light would think to increase our total numbers so haphazardly. No consideration for what's suitable.

Trick: I still, after all these centuries, hate getting blindsided by other people's pasts. You'd think I could, I dunno - get past it. Too many murky waters stirred up with the memories, I guess - and the lingering, undulled pain.

Mel: Pure evil, is how it was told to me. And the more I saw, the more I believed. How could this not be?