Wikia Fae - Kenzi vs. the broom

Kenzi: Well, for just a little while we had the whole deal, spic and span every-which-where, but this is how that happened.

Trick: I was so tempted to introduce Kenzi to say a Spriggan and let her really pay for any minor services rendered through the nose, but in the end I found I just couldn't do it - or even let her get into her own kind of trouble with the Brownie. I had to warn her . . . for however much good that did.

Bo: I know Dyson's already got his lycanthrope ink, but I may move for all Light and Dark Fae to have to be tattooed, somewhere visible. It'd make being neutral even better. It would also put an end to these annoying masquerades - and half-truths.

Brownie: Homely spirits we may be, but lares and penates we are not. So, a little respect, if you please.

Vex: It'd 'elp, wun't it, 'aving a Jeeves around the old homestead? Even a scullery maid, come to think of it.

The Morrigan: They just beg to be enslaved, don't they?