I am an utterly sentient, quasi-autonomous expression of the ship's AI, the Andromeda Ascendant that is. Harper, well, he's responsible for this body, and all its quirks, and occasional redundancies. Although I would estimate only an 11.476% chance I would say so in his presence, assuming non-life-threatening conditions, he did a good job, as evinced by the positive response of most sentients to my form. I appear to be an optimal blend of physically non-challenging yet stimulating, arguably even provocative. Even the voice is moderately melodious, without adequately outré elements to inspire general irritation or jealousy.

Dylan is my captain - that is the alpha and omega of the situation. As our encounter with the Pax Magellanic proved, AIs and captains have to ensure that they observe protocol in their own interests, as well as those of the ship as a whole. Nonetheless, Harper's unnecessarily detailed construct, including tear ducts, has caused certain ... inexplicable side effects, such as demonstrations which, in an organic lifeform, might be construed as emotion. This is a situation which I continue to monitor and record in detail.

Harper: I sometimes feel like that Humphrey Higgins guy - you know, the one who taught the actress to speak properly and got her a really cool gig in a musical? Anyway, any ways you look at it, Rommie's my masterpiece.

Tyr: Not knowledge I would have public, but the AI's degree of devotion to our overly-charismatic captain disconcerts me somewhat. It does not seem capable of an impartial assessment of the legality or logic of his commands. "Jill Pierce" demonstrated graphically the abundant risk of such a bond.