Wikia Fae - Ryan at work in his lab

I'm . . . well, me, at least the way I see it. For my allegiance, I'm nominally a Dark Fae, though I take frequent strolls on the less wild side, and find means to make good my transgressions. Ryan Lambert, connoisseur of the exquisite, and, for my manifold and self-evident sins, a Loki.

I'm actually ghost-writing the Fae edition of 'The Bro Code', and I reckon one of my first contributions is gonna be 'The Tony Stark' - broody, good with his hands, lived-life-hard handsome, seems to tick all the boxes, especially once you factor in the billionaire thing.

I'm a tinkerer, and unraveller of puzzles - which brings us rather neatly to our friendly neighbourhood Succubus. There's so much to enjoy about her, and the excitement she stirs up wherever she goes. The one word you can never use around her is 'bland', because nothing is. She's the most vibrant creature I've ever encountered, me included.

Bo: I'd never really got the bad boy thing, Fae-wise, until I met Ryan. Then again, most of the Dark Fae males I'd met were - Vex.

Kenzi: I'm Team Wolf all the way, but if she had to stray, so much better this direction than Doc-ward.

Trick: You've heard of "Wouldn't trust 'im as far as I could toss him"? Well, this is where that got started, with Lokis.

Dyson: Of the times it'd be easier as a Wolf Shifter not being a cop, this one gets an asterisk.