Wikia Fae - Sean making his own prediction

Kenzi: I've hardly met any just plain nice Fae, and if you could get past the 'Dudley Do-Right' moments, Sean sure was one.

Trick: The Kavanaughs are of the Five Families, part of Clan Finarvin no less, and Pádraig I've known these four centuries. I couldn't believe what he did to his boys and his blood. Maybe I don't learn, 'tis why the lesson's so costly and common.

Bo: I know how Kenzi felt about Sean, and I liked the guy too - but I saw more I recognized in Liam, except for the having made the choice bit. I guess it's just made me more determined not to be forced down on either side of this stupid fence the Fae have built up in their minds.

Hale: All the old money and power crap I've been working to get way from, that there is why.

Siobhan: I was sorry to hear about what happened with Sean, but I'm a little tired of people acting like it was my fault - or even choice.

Dyson: It seems to me, the more time I spend around Bo - and maybe Kenzi even more - the less easily I scent the Five. It's strange to be getting less judgmental in my old age.

Kenzi: The longest conversation I've had in, like, forever with anyone except Bo, and I can't follow it up. Not that it was a waste - just a loss.

The Morrigan: Sean was a waste of skin, but before this debacle Liam had real potential. Such a perfidious, underhanded bloodline.

Lauren: It sort of validates chaos theory, to see two trickles from the same essential starting point veer off on such different paths.

Kenzi: I looked it up, you know ... after (hey, why else liberate a smartphone, right?) and it was way too much Gaelic for me, but the long and the short - as Irish as they come.