Wikia Fae - Siegfried and his initial payment

Kenzi: Pretty much as pondscum as they come. I mean nobody deserves what happened to this guy, but he almost did.

Bo: There are friends, colleagues, business associates, criminals - and then necessary evil, like this Dark dross. I couldn't believe it when he told me he had a lead on my mother. Then Vex got to him, and things looked really bleak. For me - they were obviously way past that point for him. Hard to feel bad, though.

Dyson: I hate messing in Dark Fae business - mainly 'cos I'd just like to let'em all slaughter one another and be done with it. As a cop, though, that's not a 'viable option'. Walking into an abattoir like Siegfried's place, I really question some of my life choices.

Vex: Family business 'as to stay in the family - simple as that. Can't have every little freak who's picked the Dark jus' choosin' to share with anyone 'oo can pay, simply on the grounds that they find themselves in financial dire straits. Chaos is one thing, but we can't have total bleedin' anarchy, can we? I mean, what'd be the point of a peckin' order in that case?

The Morrigan: Loath though I am to admit it, Vex does have his uses. He pounced on this and dealt with it so - efficiently, yet still with artistry.

Hale: Usually, I got sympathy for anyone crosses Vex's path, but this guy - not on that list.

Aife: A briefly useful bauble - now broken. The shards are even dull.

Trick: If you ever wondered what dregs in Fae form looked like .... An almost literal bottom-feeder.