Wikia Fae - Siobhan cries for a death
I'm a Banshee, which, since it does not involve having my own pot of gold (yeah, you would not believe the number of humans who mix us up with leprechauns!), is not the stellar gig it might first sound. We have to wail for the imminent death of Fae of the noble families, which isn't the end of the world, well, I mean, for us, but then our conscious minds have no knowledge of who's the 'recipient'.
Wikia Fae - The ancient mourners speak through Siobhan
What this all boils down to is, anyone who wants to know 'for whom the bell tolls' has to straps us down and force iron, like a really pukey liver shake, into our system, then stand back from the convulsions and projectile vomiting. So, a fun day out for all the family, as you can tell.

We're respected, for the most part, since we, you know, help people get their affairs in order - kind of like a final notice. So many Fae get their stuff together when we wail, just in case they're next. Music, I'd say, is where we're really at though, and most of us, when 'unpossessed', have a true gift in that area.

Bo: Only met her once and briefly, and she seemed like a nice girl. Doubt she remembers me fondly, though, what with the puke juice and all. I'm still not convinced Dyson didn't make up those 'Lá Síochána' limitations just to see what he could get me to do.

Dyson: As Banshees go this one was really cooperative, though at the time she was throwing up all over the place I didn't feel like I could say that to Bo, exactly.

Trick: Siobhan came highly recommended, and it was Lá Síochána, so I saw nothing but an upside. So far, only the bingo's been a worse idea.

Kenzi: I know it's a really human thing to say, but after that girl went supersonic, I was so glad to hear - well, anything, actually, but particularly that that particular bell couldn't toll for me.

Hale: On a note of solidarity with the vocally based, I've always figured Banshee got a bad rap - just 'cos the news ain't nice, still no reason to go shootin' the messenger, you know what I'm sayin'? Plus, those ladies are fine, no exception.

Lauren: The infrasound component, sometimes called subsonic, of the Banshee's cry is rather fascinating, as my research indicates that, in close proximity, it can seemingly have a more direct physical impact on the physiology of the 'cause of the wail' than on those around them, even if the latter are related to the 'victim'. Can't imagine there will be may follow-up opportunities, though.

Aife: Mewling whelps, one and all. Sound and would-be furies, signifying - nothingness.