Wikia Fae - Stella letting her hair down
Wikia Fae - Stella in the Dal to meet Bo

A Lodestar am I, first and foremost, a guide ushering in The Dawning, and helping to set feet upon their appointed paths. Knowledge is power and words express knowledge - thus I am the bearer of good news. My life and way are ones of opening vistas and the next valley beckoning, which makes the pleasure I have found within the confines of a single hostelry . . . unique. Still and all, the Blood King is an exception in any company, and my view of him never confined itself to the mundane.

Bo is like none I have previously encountered - a statement I do not make lightly. She is his grand-daughter, of course, and Aife's daughter, but if ever the whole were not merely the sum of its parts, this is that exemplar. Numerous unprecedented elements have attended her Dawning, and the true journey has but begun.

Bo: Gramps is smitten. I'm sorry, but there's no other suitable term for it - not him. Trick is gaga over this woman, which I for one find hilarious, and adorable. He's way overdue for some happy in his lovelife, and from what I hear he's never backed away from a challenge.

Dyson: I stand by what I said the first time I saw her let her hair down - the 'no-nonsense ball-buster' thing she's got going on is pure Trick-bait.

Kenzi: Hundreds, and I mean hundreds of years on this planet, and Trick is still looking to get his groove on. Makes you kinda hopeful, you know.

Hale: Why does it gotta be the womenfolk that can just look at you an' read you like a book, know what I'm sayin'? This ain't no two hearts telepath, but still ...

Vex: This bird makes me think the Light might not be all bad, ya know? I mean, a bloke oughta wet 'is appetite in strange waters every once in a while, right?

The Morrigan: I  particularly distrust anyone who claims neutrality. That is not a position, it's a dearth of personality.

Aife - A busybody, lacking an equally active mind, regrettably.

Trick: So hopeful and promising, for a brief moment.

That "I am what I am" is generally - misread.


Played by Deborah Odell.

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