Lost Girl- Tamsin- Bad Reputation- Valkubus

Lost Girl- Tamsin- Bad Reputation- Valkubus

Wikia Fae - Tamsin crashing the gym

Tamsin on the scene

I'm a chooser of the slain, a Valkyrie in short, and somehow people never learn not to mess with us. I'm Dark Fae, as far as picking a side goes, but The Morrigan and The Ash shoved me into this 'Ebony and Ivory' project in the precinct, and I'm partnered with the Light Fae Wolf-Shifter. That might be halfway decent as an assignment, if he'd ever cut the wolf loose and let it howl free. Me, I've got debts on all sides, and people are calling in markers left and right, so the tightrope walk is getting to be less and less fun. In the end, I may not pick a side so much as fall on one.

Dyson: Never really know where I stand with the avenging angel. She's come on to me, she's stared me down - literally, like I've never experienced before or since - she's been on, at and in my side. Oh, and she pretty much started by decanting a whole jug of coffee over my computer.

Hale: The Morrigan wanted to put a Dark Fae with Dyson, so to sweeten the deal she made it my pick. From everything I hear this girl's about as twilight as they come, so I figure, given the darkness in my boy, this is going to be a bumpy ride.

Kenzi: You know how I didn't trust Dr. Hot-Pants when she came slobbering around Bo at the start - well multiply that by a factor of Fae for this 'warrior woman' who's just looking to tangle with Bo every which way from what I've seen. Way she walks, you'd thinks she was Batgirl or somethin' - a supermodel at least.

Trick: First impressions can be misleading, but over the centuries I've developed pretty good instincts. Everything about this one says don't be her enemy.

Bo: This whole 'rebirth' thing is kinda awesome, but the wings, well, they're gonna take some gettin' used to. And they could seriously - get in the way.

Aife: History - with this one.

The Morrigan: So overdue for recall - and with any luck a good stamping into the bargain.