Wikia Fae - The Ash interrogating Bo

The Ash in action

Wikia Fae - Trick brings The Ash up to speed on Aife

By my title am I known to all, The Ash under whose auspices all Light Fae in these parts dwell, the ultimate arbiter of the good of our community. I provide deep roots for our history, shade for our comfort, and a constant process of systolic symmetry for the sap which nourishes and binds all those of true allegiance to the Light. The coming of this grey creature has upset the clear, distinct balance of opposing forces which we previously had, and thrown all into turmoil.

The good of the Light is not served by conflict, and the leader must be respected by all for whom he speaks, which is perhaps why the actions of Aife's father should not have come as quite the surprise to me which they did. That, however, is hindsight, and my role is ever to look to, and tend to, our future.

ὁ ἄνθρωπος φύσει πολιτικὸν ζῷον and how much more do Aristotle's words apply to his fellow Fae than to mere mortals? There are those who believe we should rise above such considerations, but they are as misguided as the humans who dream they can detach themselves from nature, and then improve it from the outside, unconsequenced.

Wikia Fae - The Ash confronting Aife's 'package'

No matter what their historical roles, I should not face insurrection and plotting from those who have freely sworn fealty, and dealing with those fomenting tides of discontent may be the highest single priority.

The Morrigan: If ever you wondered what a prig looked like, look no further.

Trick: Even a Fae whose power it isn't can feel empathy, and he did what he thought was right for the Light.

Bo: You know, if I'd only met Dyson and The Morrigan, and not this guy, I'd definitely have gone Light Fae after The Gathering. Mind you, I think he twigged that.

Hale: I said all sorts of stuff while I was workin' for him, but the job - they don't come much harder.