Hale: When did I not know about this dude? Seems like the only bedtime story my Dad knew, and maybe part of why Val turned out like she did, 'cos in his version this guy was just protecting his family, and the rest of the Fae simply got lucky that he forgot to specify. I mean it was all oaths and quills and wording and warlocks with my Dad.

Tamsin; This supposed 'angel of the Light', this Great Redeemer who bought with his own life essence the survival and the peace among Faekind. Yeah, right.

Dyson: Well, this one hurts my brain quite a bit, 'cos there's the Trick I know, and then there's what I know him to be, and be capable of. Now, with his granddaughter in the mix, all bets are off on whether there are any prices he wouldn't pay. I mean, even facing the Garuda he told Hale to bring Bo back 'no matter what the cost'. Those words.

Kenzi: Well, there's a Blood Sage, right - and no, it's a yucky spice, or herb, or whatever - but then there's this guy who took that to a whole new level. He, like, wrote an end to a war, which just blows my mind - and I know him, which is really KA-BOOM!

Vex: Innit jus' typical, eh? 100% of the credit the Light wants ta take fer endin' the war both sides was involved in.

Bo: Every time I plan to lecture Trick, this creeps to the front of my mind - that he knows more about suffering than with any luck I ever will.

Lachlan: What I knew and when I knew it, well that's my business. I will say, though, that this fella was on my radar for a long time afore the Stag Hunt put me in a position to make use of the knowledge.

Trick: Let's move on to something more relevant, eh?

The Ash: Ah, yes, the seed and epicentre of our turbulent times. We are, however, no longer that motley collection that congregated beneath his benificent banner, nor are the Dark that morass of chaos which confronted him, and for changing times more flexible visions, and leaders, are called for. Let us commemorate his struggle, but leave it where it belongs - on the throne of history.