Where Bo crashes, and Kenzi joined her, this one-time literal crackhouse is just barely a roof over their collective heads, especially given Bo's mattress Olympics, and the consequent strain on the infrastructure.

Vex and Lauren are both temporary residents here. Kenzi: OK, so, there are like two floors here it's kinda safe to use, but up above that - on your own head be it, you know. I seriously do not know how the ceiling of the . . . well, I just think of it as 'the room' tbh stands up to the pounding it takes from the other side, on account of being Bo's bedroom floor. Talk about 'they don't make'em like they used to' - some builder deserves major props for this piece of work.

Vex: Handwringing Central, as I call it, and for the fact there are two moderately attractive birds, one of who is a Succubus, there's a lot less going on here among the natives than you'd think. There's no floor show, bed show, or even 'friends with perks' sofa show. Bo-ring.

Bo: I'm so glad I didn't just split when Kenzi woke that first morning. I'd never have known what home meant.

Dyson: All the time I've known them, these ladies seem to have fely zero urge to redecorate.