Thai himmapan animal naga v s a little garuda by ohnios-d6lhbd9

Kenzi: I can't really do a Jack Nicholson, it comes out too Alvin the Chipmunk, but 'I have given a name to my pain' and it's this guy. Seriously, everything that went wrong after Dyson came back can be laid firmly at his doorstep, preferably with a stick of Acme dynamite for company.

Trick: I should have known - guessed, at least - what using the Book of Blood would stir up and awaken. An evil older, more powerful than the Fae, as the shadows always have been that predate the light.

Dyson: Thinking back, I believe it was seeing the Garuda manifest that brought back the first stirrings of my childhood dream - the wish to be a gryphon.

Hale: Being a Light Fae of the Five Families and a cop, I sometimes forget there are rules and powers beyond ours - and us.

Bo: I think watching him unfurl was the first time I felt completely out of my league. Wings, especially wings of fire, just take it to a whole new level.

Aife: Chthonic, prime evil, a darkness to which I never aspired in my most lucid moments of pillaging desire. A burning world, to no other end. Surtur, in short.

The Norn: Believing, seeing, juncture and juxtaposition.