The Gathering

The Gathering 2

Bo: Think Thunderdome without the manners, and you're basically there. And 'Highlander' has a lot to answer for, too.

Kenzi: Didn't see much of this, on account of being too busy kicking and scratching the goons holding me, and yelling for Bo. Still, way scary, although thinking about it, most of the stuff since has been, well, way scarier.

The Ash: Testing the Succubus' mettle was perhaps my first major error of judgment with her, since it showed The Morrigan clearly that she was most worth having.

Trick: I'm so glad I knew as little as I did back then, otherwise I would have rushed to protect Bo, and tipped all our hands - right into rivers of blood.

The Morrigan: I could've sworn the little waif was just so much chow for the refuse of the ring - goes to show, life can surprise anyone, even me. Like all potential, she is - no more than that.

Vex: Wheat fr'm chaff time, yeah?