Trance: The board was in motion, every piece in play, and Dylan, ah well, Maura never really caught on, always labelling the game Go or Chess, never bothering to distinguish.

Beka: It was kind of a disconcerting feeling, actually, finally knowing who everyone really was. And yes, I'm aware of the irony of that statement from the female Progenitor of the Nietzschean people.

Harper: I made it back to Earth. Gotta remember that, despite all that happened, you know, after. This was that truly gnarly one, the wave you can't resist, even knowing it's a wipe-out. 'Course, when it isn't ...

Rhade: Since in every Nietzschean is the constant knowledge that any stand might be his last, to find myself where the options opened no potential vista for survival was - unnerving.

Rommie: I've never actually beaten the captain at any of his three-dimensional games, and I finally comprehend why. The is ... a pulse I cannot measure - or feel - to these ephemeral tides of battle.

Rev Bem: Certain tides ... are possessed of ripples and pull felt long before they clearly manifest.