Dyson: Given how it ended with Stefan, I strive and struggle to remember the good times with my liege, but there were, and many, before his passion for Ciara overwhelmed his honor.

Ciara: If ever there was a marriage for purely practical reasons, this was it - from my side at any rate. He never cared for anything - he was consumed, or utterly indifferent.

Kenzi: I've always thought that even more than there's a limit to what you should tell them, there's a definite limit to how much you should believe from drinking buddies. Still, when D-man's 'in his cups' as Trick puts it ( he can be so stuck-up! I mean, for a bartender?!), he sometimes kinda rambles a bit about this dude. Still not sure how he really feels about him, given the mix of stuff he says. Not gotta be just the one way, I spose.

Bo: Yet another stonewall Dyson throws up whenever I try to get to know about his past centers around this guy - though I'm not sure Dyson separates him fully from Ciara, so that may be a black hole-sized factor in the equation too.

Trick: I can't really afford to criticize Ailech, can I, given the stance-s I took? Power goes to your head.

Hale: It still hurts, and the reason I know that is how little Dyson'll talk about it. That boy can take repressed and 'silently suffering hero' to whole new levels. I've learned not to take the bait, when he seems to be offering to talk about this.

Aife: Another of the petty monarchs who strode and strutted among us, when I was proud to call that one father.

The Morrigan: One of the few Light leaders worth keeping an eye on. The power was - palpable.

The Ash: Another wandering source of embarrassment to the Light, with delusions of ronin.