Wikia Fae - The Morrigan playing with the boys
Wikia Fae - The Morrigan, Bo and the mirror

I'm the Fae leader - Dark for the time being. Life is meant to be lived, and we, the Fae, with the potential for near limitless lives, are we not the most beautiful expression of that concept? Those of us fit to be seen, I mean. That may be why the little Succubitch irks me so - she could be draining life to the dregs, and from the dregs of Fae and even human society, and everyone would be the better for it. A little training, some discretion, and the odd covert use of her unquestionable skills and assets, and the Fae could rule subtly, as we were always meant to.

The Blood King's artificial peace forced this permanent schism upon us, the nonsense of Dark Fae and Light, as though every one of us didn't have both. Then again, given the speed with which they're tossing Ashes on the fire over the other side, I may become Light Leader by default, as the only powerful Fae left standing.

Kenzi: So, BI with a side of ATCH, and that's all they needed to write.

Trick: What Bo and Kenzi sometimes forget is, The Morrigan, as a leader of avowed chaotics and anarchists, has outlasted three iterations of the 'constant' Ash. It's something one really has to think about, especially with a piece of work as nasty, underhanded and popular with the Dark's hierarchy as Vex placing unending banana skins beneath her feet.

Vex: Right, let's get the sickening bit outta the way right away. Life without this piece of work around would definitely be duller. Havin' said that - no reason she has to be on top, know what I mean? I reckon the Dark Fae Elders are just waitin' for me to depose her - show what I'm really made of.

The Ash: As a requisite counterweight, I can conceive of worse. Vex springs to mind.

Hale: Never liked her, and never will, but I don't get the same stabby urges as with Vex, you know. I'll be singin' Cool & the Gang when he goes.

Lachlan: When I'm looking across the battlefield at the Garuda, somehow, her backstabbing is less of a worry - or likely.

I took a name drenched in blood, hoping it would save me some effort by its intrinsic intimidation - and so far, with the annoying exception of Vex, it's tending to work.

Aife: What could have been - so tragic. Usurper. The worst of Dorian Gray - the sphinx deluded by her own secrets, kept from none other.