Wikia Fae - The Nain Rouge in the camp

Bo: In French it's 'Red Dwarf' - and no, not the Brit sitcom. She appears to be a little girl, though how long she's been that way I couldn't even guess. Trick doesn't take her or her words and visions lightly, so I know I can't afford to.

Trick: She may be the best example of one of us - and yet not. Still, the Nain Rouge only heralds the worst of times and events, and since she's picked Bo to talk to, I have to persuade the girl to listen . . . carefully. Can't get her to do that to me, mind, so this may prove a Zen exercise.

I'm - an anomaly, and a pariah. The untouchable in almost every sense, even for my fellow Fae. There's a field, a gravity the humans might consider it, to tragedy, directly proportional to its severity, and the large ones tug at me, relentlessly, until I bear witness. I don't feel I have a choice, but that may just be the centuries talking. Even for a Fae, a thing repeated often enough can become normal, though unwelcome. With the destruction of the Garuda, my place is  . . . elsewhere.

Kenzi: People give a kid a name like 'Red Dwarf' and then wonder when she comes out gnarly, ya know?

Hale: My Nona used to tell me and Val all about this chick, how she 'trailed Death' - fact, it was never clear if she was following him around or vice versa.

Dyson: I've always be brought up to respect the dreamtime, the Norn, whatever touches on the beyond. Somehow, she feels even further out than that.

Aife: A thing from which to shield my daughter - if that's remotely possible.