Bo: This guy has been constantly nudging the table as I roll whatever dice my latest Fae quest requires, and I'm sick of it.

Dyson: An earworm's one thing, but the way this, I'm presuming, Fae makes the Dion song play is kinda freaky. We heard it during Bo's Dawning ceremony, and then again in the Dal and on the car radio - just before Hell came hunting.

Trick: Given what little I've pieced together of Aife's suffering, I'm hoping, even praying, I'm wrong with what I think here.

Tamsin: Paying this particular piper is really gonna cost me.

Kenzi: Didn't think I'd ever see Bo bone-deep scared, and fo' shizzle not for this long. This guy's shadow seems totally, like, inescapable.

The Morrigan: True Dark. Almost admirable, if one weren't petrified.