Trick: Aife exploded back into our lives as I should have seen coming, if I hadn't been so caught up in monitoring Bo.

Wikia Fae - Bo and Dyson hammer to fall

Bo: I was so up, I should've known I was cruising for a major fall. I mean I'd just saved Dyson's life as literally as can be, breathing my chi back into him after Saskia, well, had her way with him. I was like 'SuperGirlfriend', and if life's taught me anything, it's that I don't get to be that for more than five minutes at a time. Still, I think we may have set a new low water mark on this occasion. I couldn't believe what he was telling me - and what he hadn't told me before. I wasn't clear how all of this related to Trick either, but if necessary I was gonna chi-suck answers out of him.

Kenzi: Ya kinda figure 'I'm so happy you brought me back to life' sex is gonna be even better and longer than the 'Wow! we're back together again' sort, so I reckoned I was good for twenty minutes on the couch with the Harlequin. Wrong! Hurricane Bo swept through trailing wolf-boy in its wake, then settled with severe depression over the living room. I don't think I have even seen my bestie that boiling mad, certainly not at her main squeeze. Not that my girl was wrong, I mean - her mom?!

Dyson: It all blew up, and from the moment I spoke I knew I should have kept my mouth shut. Truth is, I think I'd been carrying the weight just too long, hoping she'd find out some other way but soon.

Hale: You know what they say about hell and handbaskets? Well, my boy was unpacking himself the Pandora's deluxe hamper edition of girlfriend-related nastiness. Not all his fault, of course, but ....

Aife: My daughter at least looks for some sort of stamina in her man, although the thought of dog-boy dictating to a Succubus in any degree turns my stomach.

Trick: No, I did not want Bo involved with Dyson for any number of reasons, not least his own proclivities for playing the field, but I never, ever intended his keeping my secret to blow up in his face in this manner.

Dyson: OK, maybe I handled this badly, but I defy any hetero guy to say he honestly thinks he'd have done better in that moment. The woman was all over me and into me, so what was I supposed to do, lower the boom?

Bo: I didn't know what to think - and trust me, that's rare. Right or wrong, you need an instant take on the streets.

The Morrigan - Some seeds ... just take a little time. And seasoning.

Vex: Light - dark, good - bad, when it goes pear-shaped, it's so very 'uman, innit?