The SiraconEdit

Wikia Fae - The Siracon in use
Bo: This was just - Wow! I mean unicorn, a blade and a defense all in one neat package - what more could a girl wading into the Dark ask for? Aside from back-up, obviously. And maybe an instruction manual.

Trick: I showed Bo this too early - my mistake. I just . . . couldn't let her go tearing into 'Carpe Noctem', trying to rip Vex a new one, knowing what I knew. Simply by dusting off the cobwebs I basically handed it to The Ash, and he was never one to let an advantage slide. Since his demotion it hasn't been found. Don't know how grateful to be.

Music box 'lamp'Edit

Ryan: Rather proud of this, even if I do say so myself. There's a knack, and an alchemical aptitude, needed to fashion a working one of these, and given the power of the Afreet it managed to hold, I think I did a bang-up job.

Bo: I know I'm the type to fiddle with something rather than reading the instruction manual, but this damn thing definitely never had one to ignore. The urge to pummel on its maker, on the other hand ...

The Staff of RighteousnessEdit

Kenzi: You know how, in Harry Potter, the old guy in the shop says, 'The wand picks the wizard' or something, well, this oversized twig grafted itself to me. I mean, it was a rush, I can't deny that, but when Trick lauched into his version of the 'With great power' speech, it was hasta la bye-bye.

Vex: Gotta say - if I ever had any serious doubts about lettin' the human, you know, keep breathin', watching her take apart the piggies, well, that was  . . . exquisite.

Holographic safe (Nibelung dwarf design)Edit

Wikia Fae - Holographic Nibelung safe

Bo: This had a whole freaky 'there but not' thing going on. According to my buddies on the force it's uncrackable, but then - cue the Hand of Glory.

Dyson: Full wolf it's fine, but if I go for heightened senses, this thing just messes totally with my head.

Recuerdo coilEdit

Wikia Fae -Recuerdo coil in situ
Dyson: It sometimes called a 'memory blot', but whatever the name its conclusive proof of one thing - memory messing on Fae.

Aife: Whatever my other states, I at least see clearly.